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October Contributions

Maureen Frew and a Meghan Kelly foster young humanitarians as the girls of JAM continue to contribute to the world around them. Their charitable efforts are widespread. October donations range from money raised by #bethekindkid shirt sales to items made at their weekly meetings. Recipients include globally recognized foundations such as Susan G. Komen, the beneficiary of $250 raised from pink shirt sales during the month of October, Breast Cancer Awareness Month, to the homeless pets of nearby Animal Friends who received homemade dog and cat toys.

At the beginning of each month, Mrs. Frew and Miss Kelly encourage their girls to take the time to identify which causes are most important to them and their families. They then must specify the change they’d like to see.

Led by their 6th grade team captains, the girls vote on twelve different options in table teams. Ideas are often causes that resonate with individual girls. This month, Apraxia Kids was chosen after a member of JAM presented a heartfelt speech on how Apraxia, an oral motor speech disorder, has afflicted a member of her family.

JAM didn’t stop there. The girls matched a $300 donation to the American Childhood Cancer Organization raised by the Avonworth High School Key Club. In addition, Sock-tober, a program organized by Kid President & Avonworth Elementary School 3rd Grade, inspired the donation of 55 pairs of socks, one from each JAM member. Donations of Sock-tober benefit Pittsburgh’s homeless.

JAM gears up for another month of giving. On day one of November, the girls have already donated needed items to our country’s military stationed overseas through the non-profit organization, Boucek’s Battalion.

We look forward to seeing what these future philanthropists do next!

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