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#bethekindkid Inspires Kidsburgh Kind Kids

Ariel Heywood in dress holds flower and squints at camera
Ariel Heywood. Photo courtesy of Tiffanee Heywood

From Melissa Rayworth at Kidsburgh:

'Ariel Heywood was thinking about that recently when a new girl joined her preschool class.

“Ariel is only 3. But yesterday she came home and told me how she ate lunch with her new classmate, because she was new and didn’t have any friends,” says Ariel’s mom, Tiffanee Heywood.

And the kindness didn’t stop there: “When we picked her up, she walked her new friend to her car and told her to make sure she came back tomorrow,” Tiffanee told us. “This moment made me PROUD to know that I was raising one of the ‘Kind Kids.'”

We were so glad that Tiffanee let us know about her daughter’s act of kindness. Like so many people in the Pittsburgh area, our team at Kidsburgh has been inspired by the #bethekindkid movement.'

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