In addition to executing our mission within the original Avonworth Primary Center JAM, we facilitate the start of NEW maker-based JAM organizations in school districts across the country.

Partner JAMs may be tailored to best fit each classroom, school, or district. 

Please fill out the form linked from this page to be considered. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis year-round.

JAMbethekindkid Inc. Commitments:
  • Initial funding

  • Official JAM logo

  • Directional support by Maureen Frew

School Commitments:
  • Activities are maker-based

  • May be set up as a before-school, during-school, or after-school organization

  • Profits, if any, are used to help others

  • One kindness event  is hosted in your community (day or evening)

  • One blog post, per month, is submitted to describing efforts

  • At least one social media post, per month, is posted from an account which uses the JAM logo provided to you

  • The name "JAM" and its official logo are used with each group in their communications and media releases