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In addition to executing our mission within the original Avonworth Primary Center JAM, we facilitate the start of NEW maker-based JAM organizations in school districts across the country.

Partner JAMs may be tailored to best fit each classroom, school, or district. 

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis year-round.

Want to Apply?

Please email Maureen Frew at

JAMbethekindkid Inc. Commitments:
  • Initial funding

  • Official JAM logo

  • Directional support by Maureen Frew

School Commitments:
  • Activities are maker-based

  • May be set up as a before-school, during-school, or after-school organization

  • Profits, if any, are used to help others

  • The name "JAM" and its official logo are used with each group in their communications and media releases

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