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JAM was established when two students approached their teacher Maureen Frew at Avonworth Primary Center in Pittsburgh PA in April of 2016 requesting to start an after-school "making" club.


The club creates items, such as their trademarked #bethekindkid shirts, to donate or sell for profit to benefit causes of their choice. Through their work with a variety of charitable foundations, the children learn about a world that needs help, and are being empowered to make a difference.


JAM Enterprises, whose name represents the first initial of each of the founding members, Julia and Amelia and their teacher Maureen, is now a student-run nonprofit organization of 80 students in Grade K – 6 who meet each week. By sharing their business model, their new mission is to help other schools set up their own JAMs, so their kindness movement can continue to spread.


JAM is currently working to spread kindness in the world through a simple message, #bethekindkid.


As each batch of student-made #bethekindkid shirts sold out in 2018, JAM recognized the need to outsource their product to take their message further.


The shirts continue to grow in popularity with over 100K sold to date in schools, offices, and organizations across the world. The club encourages the shirts to be worn each Wednesday, or #wearitwednesday, to remind others to be the kid who does the right thing, be the nice kid, be the kind kid.

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