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Star Pittsburgh 100.7

WBZZ - Star Pittsburgh 100.7 hosted JAM Enterprises for their Anything Goes Friday segment on November 9, 2018, just two weeks after the Tree of Life Synagogue shooting. The feel-good morning show featured the work of JAM and the #bethekindkid movement.

Bubba and Melanie Taylor of Star spoke with the young ladies of JAM Enterprises, Amelia, Julia, Lucy, Ella, and Grace, along with their leaders, Maureen Frew and Meghan Kelly about JAM’s origin and current work including the sales of over 600 red/green and blue/white #bethekindkid shirts benefiting the Tree of Life Synongue.

Bubba and Melanie were captivated with Frew’s explanation of how the girls, ages 5 through 12, are “learning outside of the classroom” as they “they make things, they sell them, and every bit of the profit goes to a local non-profit charity. They vote on it, they make all the decisions, they do all the paperwork, they do everything.” Bubba and Melanie were speechless!

Bubba highlighted the the influence that JAM is having on our society by pointing out that the “Smallest things we do in the world sometimes have the biggest impact”. He applauded JAM for taking action, and for setting an example to motivate their listening audience. Bubba concluded the segment by reminding the girls to “always do the right thing even when the right thing’s not the easiest thing to do”. At JAM Enterprises, that is our motto.

Shirt sales have soared since the segment aired. Thank you to Star Pittsburgh 100.7 for allowing the little voices of JAM to be heard!

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