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Power Player of the Month

JAM Enterprises was featured in the June 29 Pittsburgh Penguins Foundation e-newsletter as the Power Player of the Month. This title is awarded to children achieving great things in the community.

The Pittsburgh Penguins Foundation is an integral part of the success of many of our region's non-profit organizations. In 2018, the foundation donated over $1.1 million to local 501c3 charities from funds collected through the 50/50 Raffle during Penguins home games. JAM looks forward to partnering with the foundation in the future, as the Pittsburgh Penguins Foundation KNOWS kindness!

Here is the article:

This month we have 54 little Power Players. Meet the girls of JAM Enterprises! This group of girls varying in age from 5 to 12 years old in the Avonworth School District meets weekly to combine their creativity and compassion.

The girls create items such as t-shirts and "Tin-Bins," which are compact metal tins with fun games or various necessities inside. These are then sold and all of the proceeds are donated to local non-profit causes and organizations!

In the 2017.18 school year alone, the young ladies of JAM Enterprises were able to donate $3,000 to charities and their school. They also work to contribute to the Greater Pittsburgh Food Bank.

Their current project is a call to action in encouraging kindness. The JAM Enterprises girls have designed and created t-shirts sporting the slogan "#BeTheKindKid" as a way to advocate treating others with kindness and respect. In just 6 short weeks, over 1,700 t-shirts have been sold and the profits will benefit the American Cancer Society.

With girls as young as 5 years old, JAM Enterprises is a great example of how kids can make an impact and shape the future. Their creativity, compassion and willingness to help others in the community makes all 54 JAM girls Power Players.

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