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November was another charitable month for JAM! In addition to making cards for Meals on Wheels and donating to the Make-A-Wish Foundation, JAM hosted their First Annual #bethekindkid Community Night.

On November 15, 2018, families joined together at Avonworth Primary Center Gymnasium, where the event took place. The night personified JAM’s mission. Eleven stations were set up, each offering a different way for families to give. Beneficiaries of each station were diverse, ranging from the Pittsburgh Children’s Hospital to the Avonworth Bocce team. The event served as a great way to kick off the holiday season, reminding children and adults alike that there are so many approaches to giving back.

Children anxiously pulled parents and grandparents from one table to the next. Many of the stations represented JAM’s recent projects done during their Wednesday meetings after school. Below is a list of each station.

  1. Dog/Cat toy making for Animal Friends

  2. Card making for Boucek’s Batallion

  3. Sign making for Avonworth Bocce team

  4. Butterfly Wings photo for Highmark Caring Place

  5. Butterfly face paint for Highmark Caring Place

  6. Card making for Pennies for Patients

  7. Kindness bracelets for Children’s Hospital

  8. Butterfly Candy bags for Highmark Caring Place

  9. Kindness notes for Ohio Twp. Police and Fire Departments

  10. Kindness Turkeys for Nursing Home residents

  11. Throw a pie in Mr. Murray’s face (all money donated to Pennies for Patients)

As the #bethekindkid movement continues to grow in popularity, we thank the Avonworth Community for embracing the movement, and cultivating the kindness in your homes.

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