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#bethekindkid Shirt Sales

Happy Fall, JAM Fans!

October has been a lucrative month for JAM Enterprises. Shirt sales continue to rise as word about our kindness movement spreads. To date, almost 9K #bethekindkid shirts have been sold!

A spike in sales was observed after the launching of our webstore in September, along with the release of a variety of shirt color options. Schools are taking advantage of the color options as they place bulk orders in their district colors for their students, faculty, and staff to sport with pride.

With their recent order of over 600 black and gold #bethekindkid shirts, Montour Area School District joins the pack of other Pittsburgh regional school districts who have embraced the movement. Other large districts in the area include South Fayette, Deer Lakes, Montour, Northgate, Hampton, Canon McMillan, Keystone Oaks, Pine Richland, New Castle and Plum. Whether shirts are worn each Wednesday (#wearitwednesday), or during a dedicated #bethekindkid Week like at Montour, we cannot thank our followers enough for creating a kinder atmosphere in our schools.

Social media has played a crucial role in spreading the kindness through the Pittsburgh area and beyond. In addition to our local successes, we have seen an increase in the number of shirt orders placed from outside of the region. This month, #bethekindkid shirts were

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