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A Glimpse Inside a JAM Meeting

Girls who make. Girls who care.

The JAM girls continue to spread kindness at each of their weekly meetings. A typical after-school meeting consists of the girls making an item to sell or donate, while brainstorming innovative ways to continue their mission.

At this week's meeting, they created counting games that will be distributed to Avonworth Primary School's youngest students. The girls were also busy cutting "Kind-Slips." At Avonworth, teachers give "Kind-Slips" to students that go out of their way to be kind. Once awarded, they are entered into a weekly drawing for a #bethekindkid shirt. If the whole school reaches 400 tickets in one month, the students receive a grand prize organized by the school counselor, John Susi. Ice pops in the playground and extra recess with Mr. Susi are among the most sought after grand prizes!

At the meeting, the girls received a special visit from Ms. Katie Koffler, the Making Spaces Project Manager at the Children's Museum of Pittsburgh. Making Spaces is a partnership between Google, the Maker Ed, and the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh. The program aims to integrate the art of making into a diverse range of classrooms. Katie and her team work with local schools to first, raise funds to construct makerspaces. Then, they provide the schools with resources necessary to help them implement maker education into each of their individual curricula. Katie heard about the wonderful work of JAM and asked to attend a meeting. JAM thanks Katie for her time and dedication to maker education!

We look forward to sharing future happenings of JAM Enterprises with you. Please check back often!

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